Trier City Initiative: Donation for the Organization “The Happiness of the Earth”

AURYN Trier has received € 1,400 from the Park + Ride donation promotion: The money will be used for riding therapy for children of psychologically disturbed parents!

On the four pre-Christmas Saturdays last year, many guests and visitors to our city used the shuttle park + ride services, offered annually by the Trier City Initiative and the Trier City Utilities. The free pre-Christmas service was made possible through the voluntary financial support of many Trier businesses. During the course of this offer, a donation campaign for AURYN Trier was started in the shuttle busses and in the City Bus Center at the Treviris Passageway. The recipient of this year’s donation promotion, dedicated to children of psychologically disturbed parents, can enjoy an amount rounded off by the City Initiative of 

€ 1,400. Through its work, AURYN imparts strength, courage, and orientation to those children affected. The organization gives the children and adolescents from such stressed families the opportunity to work through their experiences and emotions long term. An important element to achieve this goal is riding therapy partially paid for by the donations. The therapy provides the children with an offset to come out of their everyday and achieve social skills such as skills in building relationships, a sense of responsibility, and self-esteem. 

The representatives of the AURYN board displayed visible delight at the handover of the donation, and the organization’s thanks extend to all supporters for whom the subject “Children of psychologically disturbed parents” is a matter of the heart.